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Warsaw-Beijing Forum

Warsaw-Beijing Forum: Youth for Business is a project organised by the Students’ Organization for Law and Economy of China established at the University of Warsaw. The Forum focuses on annual exchange of ideas through visits of students from the China University of Political Science and Law and the University of Warsaw, respectively in Warsaw in Spring and in Beijing in Autumn.

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What is the Warsaw-Beijing Forum?

Polish-Chinese relations consist of not only high level meetings, but also multiple bottom-up initiatives, whose founders work hard everyday to deepen the relations between those two countries. One of the most prominent initiatives of this kind is the project of the...

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Intro to Polish-Chinese relations

Polish-Chinese political relations Nowadays, political relations between People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Poland are close. In 2011, the Polish-Chinese cooperation has gained the status of a “strategic cooperation”, signifying its importance to both...

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Barnaba Rud-Chlipalski
Marketing Team Coordinator

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Yao Rui and Sun Qingxi
Beijing Team Coordinators