The 8th Edition

Driven by Innovation 


The tagline of the Eighth Edition of the Project was Driven by Innovation, which let us bring our followers closer to the improvements happening around us and exchange ideas about the challenges connected to digitalisation we face everyday. Our main aim was to show the implementation of innovation and outline potential developments for each field. We also wanted to emphasise that the People’s Republic of China and the European Union are the most rapidly-developing global innovators who draw strength from each other. Thus, we had an unparalleled opportunity to discuss critical topics related to technology which is present in our life. The project showed the potential of cooperation with China, especially in progress.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the best of all our online platforms. Inspired by the theme Driven by Innovation, we organised many webinars on various branches of knowledge. Thanks to the cooperation with partners and sponsors, we were able to debate on the topics of innovations in such crucial aspects of life like technology, economy and law.

The International Online Conference Infinite Dimensions – International Innovation Summit, which took place on the Gridaly platform, was an indispensable part of the 8th Edition of the Project. Apart from the participants of the Warsaw-Beijing Forum, the conference was attended by representatives of Polish and foreign academic institutions, diplomatic corps, partners and sponsors. Many distinguished guests honoured us with their presence during the online event and delivered compelling speeches. We had a chance to listen to lectures covering the topics of innovations in payment methods, international security, the space race and other technological advancements.

The culmination of the 8th Edition of the Project was the trip to the capital city of Finland. At the invitation of the Finnish China Law Center at the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki, members of the Warsaw-Beijing Forum participated in various panels and seminars. Each student had the opportunity to delve into the field of their interest, as the program allowed participants of the trip to broaden their knowledge of legal and typically sinological topics. In addition to the meetings at the university, students took advantage of the attractions based in Helsinki and got to know the capital of Finland.

The last year has brought many challenges and changes, but we came out stronger. As members of the Warsaw-Beijing Forum project, we wanted to show how society has adapted to face our new reality. The 8th Edition of the Project allowed us to reach a large group of people to share new ideas on solving emerging problems in the world of constant development. Over and above that we revived our annual tradition of abroad visit in another academic center.

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Professor Piotr Grzebyk  
Project Academic Supervisor
Phone: +48 506 019 551

Zuzanna Pudło  
Main Coordinator of the Project
Phone: +48 ‭535 665 603


Professor Zhang Li
Project Academic Supervisor

Su Hanting
Shu Ni
Lan Tianze
Beijing Team Coordinators