Honorary Members

of the Warsaw-Beijing Forum

Prime Minister Janusz Piechociński

Prime Minister Janusz Piechociński is an economist with many years of experience in economic analysis and investment promotion. He served as the Minister of the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister of Poland from 6 December 2012 to 16 November 2015. In the years 2012-2015, he was the President of the Polish People’s Party. During his service in the Ministry of Economy, he led multiple business missions, focusing on promoting Polish export and strengthening economic ties. He mainly fostered trade relations between the countries. Since 2016, he has been holding the position of the President of the Poland-Asia Chamber of Commerce (also known as Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa Polska-Azja). Its mission is to deepen the Polish companies internationalization. The Chamber helps its members efficiently match demand and supply by identifying the needs and connecting them with reliable business partners.

Mr. Piechociński, we are truly grateful for your unceasing support through the years and we are looking forward to strengthening the cooperation with the Chamber.

Professor Alan Barrell

In his career related to health care and medical research, Professor Barrell managed many large international companies as well as technology startups as Chairman and Chief Executive. He delivered and is popularising the vision of “A World Without Borders”. Currently, he concentrates on the commercialisation of research, technology startups and the development of trade between China and the UK and international relationships. His expert knowledge related to Chinese business and academic environment is just one of the numerous reasons we greatly admire his membership. We are impressed by the Professor’s significant contribution to the effective development of Chinese-European relations and magnificent performances during our previous events covering these subjects. Furthermore, we are thankful for bringing us closer to the idea of sustainability in development and transferring knowledge among Polish and Chinese students in a more efficient manner.

It is our genuine pleasure to work with such an experienced authority. We are looking forward to future cooperation opportunities between the Warsaw-Beijing Forum and The Cambridge Learning Gateway.

Professor Bogdan Góralczyk

Professor Góralczyk is a sinologist and a political science expert with a lengthy experience in international relations and diplomacy. He has gained his academic titles at our Alma Mater, the University of Warsaw. His professional career commenced in 1984 at the Polish Institute of International Affairs. He then worked in a diplomatic mission in Budapest as a head of its political department and a deputy ambassador. In the years 2003–2008, he served as the Polish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand with additional accreditation in the Philippines and Myanmar.

Professor Góralczyk is also a highly active author and publicist. His best known works are: Pekińska wiosna 1989 – Bejing Spring 1989 (1999), Węgierski pakiet – Hungarian Box (2000, Hungarian edition 2001), Polska-Chiny. Wczoraj, dziś, jutro – Poland-China. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (2009; English edition 2014), Złota Ziemia roni łzy – esej birmański (Golden Land sheds tears – A Burmese essay (2011, seconded, updated edition 2021), Wielki Renesans. Chińska transformacja i jej konsekwencje – Great Rejuvenation. Chinese transformation and its consequences (2018, English edition in print), Nowy Długi Marsz – Chiny ery Xi Jinpinga – New Long March. China of the Xi Jinping Era (2021).

Mr. Góralczyk, we are beyond grateful for your support and expertise, which have helped to elevate many of our initiatives and the whole Forum in general. The honor is entirely ours to grant you the title of an Honorary Member in recognition of your remarkable contribution.


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