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Forum Biznesu is a Polish portal providing content relevant to professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as up-to-date news in the field of business, law, politics and CSR. Forum Biznesu is also an organizer of nationwide competitions, including Innovation of the Year.

StockWatch.pl is an information service devoted to investments on the Polish stock exchange and global markets. It supports individual investors by providing market news, quotes, ESPI announcements, financial data,  professional analysis, and a moderated discussion forum.

MAGIEL is one of the most important student media at the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Warsaw. It contains university information, news of student organizations and research clubs, comments on current events in the world of politics and economy.

CHINY to LUBIĘ is one of the most popular Polish blogs about China, initiated in 2013 by Piotr Chodak (霍达克 彼得). On its website and social media anyone interested in China can find facts, information and curiosities about the Middle Kingdom, published daily.

SPONSOR ★ Bohan is a Polish publishing house and translation agency specializing in the translation of both texts and multimedia materials from Chinese into Polish and from Polish into Chinese. In addition, Bohan also offers advice on imports from China.

KarierawFinansach.pl is a website aimed at professionals working in the financial industry, as well as students taking their first steps on the labor market. On the website you can find job and internship offers, employer profiles, job descriptions and recruitment tests.

Gazeta Kongresy is a nationwide youth media. It is close to issues important to the young generation. It supports valuable youth projects and social initiatives and is focused on topics important for young people.

Sklep Azjatyckie Języki 

Altenberg is a prominent publishing house, which believes in publishing books that have a real and positive impact on the world, and broaden the perspective of the reader.

dlaStudenta is a nationwide student portal, combining every important aspect of the students’ life, including culture,  entertainment, job opportunities and many more. It helps to navigate in the fast paced world of universities.

ChinskiRaport specializes in commercial reports on Chinese companies. Their detailed and professional reports will answer the question whether the Chinese contractor is a reliable business partner for Polish investors. ChinskiRaport has offices in Gdynia, Poland and Xiamen, China.

BigChina.pl is the first portal in Poland dedicated for people willing to trade with China, especially for importers from China. The website provides a searchable database of Chinese products with its exporters, many valuable articles on import written by specialists and comprehensive completion of import on request.


Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza (The Polish Chamber of Commerce) is the largest independent business organization in Poland. It was established in 1990. It represents the largest number of entrepreneurs, joining 160 business organizations.

Uniwersytet Otwarty Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego (Open University of the University of Warsaw) has been active since 2008. Open University at the University of Warsaw is the oldest and biggest open university in Poland. It is the leader of continuing education, realizing the idea of lifelong learning.

Boym Institute is an independent think tank that brings together experts on issues such as politics, economy and innovation in developing countries, especially contemporary Asia.

The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw amasses, preserves, elaborates and presents the cultural relics of Asia and Oceania. Its collections are above all the testimonies of traditional cultures belonging to a history that fades or rapidly changes when faced with a global civilisation


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