Warsaw School of Law and Economy of China is a unique program, designed to equip its students with essential knowledge about the legal system, economy, culture and doing business with China. The School allows its students to take part in lectures and workshops led by professors from top world universities, experienced professionals, policy analysts and renowned lawyers. It offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary course to students of all faculties, entrepreneurs and senior-level managers as well as representatives of state and local administration.

ICSATA is one of the most iconic international associations in Ireland. Since established, ICSATA has received strong support and endorsement from the Irish Embassy to China, the Chinese Embassy to Ireland, and all the relevant departments from both the Irish and Chinese governments, as well as EU. 

Gridaly is a Polish startup that created an interactive online event platform designed to organize conferences, congresses, trade fairs, and university open days. The platform offers several different areas that can host unlimited numbers of participants. Thanks to a wide range of networking interactive tools such as separate chatrooms, video calls and one-on-one meetings, Gridaly delivers a unique social experience with anyone in the world without even leaving your home.
AliExpress is known throughout the world as an e-commerce platform with a B2C model. It was launched in 2010 by the Alibaba Group and since then has been very successful; especially in Poland as a top e-commerce marketplace. The platform not only offers competitive product prices for Polish users but ships to over 200 countries and regions (this year AliExpress launched 15-day delivery to Poland for certain products shipped from China). It also provides secure payment methods such as BLIK, buyer protection, and a help center.
The Cambridge Learning Gateway opens the worlds of academia and business to the latest innovative approaches to knowledge exchange and inclusive global education and knowledge research by connecting online and in person, students, teachers, researchers and citizens of the world. Cambridge Learning Gateway was launched as a company helping shape the future world by delivering academic and scientific knowledge and practical expertise to Universities, Government Organizations and Corporations and those residing in them.
Direct Share Media is a dynamic production house. They help companies reach their customers through creative and engaging audiovisual materials tailored to the needs of the target group and industry. The company specializes in film production, advertising animations, photography and streaming. Their experience, developed methods and proven technical solutions allow them to approach the production systematically and efficiently, thus ensuring a smooth course of projects. The main goal of their productions is to create an experience that will bring customers closer to valuable companies.


Professor Piotr Grzebyk  
Project Academic Supervisor
Phone: +48 506 019 551
Mail: p.grzebyk@wpia.uw.edu.pl

Justyna Kanas  
Main Coordinator of the Project
Phone: +48 ‭660 029 189


Yao Rui and Sun Qingxi
Beijing Team Coordinators

Mail: beijingwarsawforum@163.com