On behalf of the entire Warsaw Beijing Forum, we are exceptionally delighted to announce that Professor Alan Barrell has officially become the first Honorary Member of our Organization.
In his career related to health care and medical research, he managed many large international companies as well as technology startups as Chairman and Chief Executive. As the Business Angel Investor and Trustee, he supports charities involving Chairmanship of the Cambridge Rare Diseases Network. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion in the UK and membership as Knight First Class of the Order of the White Rose of Finland has been honoured to the Professor for his services to Education. Alan Barrell teaches in universities around the world with professorships in Europe, North America and Asia. He delivered and is popularising the vision of “A World Without Borders”. Currently, he concentrates on the commercialisation of research, technology startups and the development of trade between China and the UK and international relationships.

His expert knowledge related to Chinese business and academic environment is just one of the numerous reasons we greatly admire his membership. We are impressed by the Professor’s significant contribution to the effective development of Chinese-European relations and magnificent performances during our previous events covering these subjects. Furthermore, we are thankful for bringing us closer to the idea of sustainability in development and transferring knowledge among Polish and Chinese students in a more efficient manner. It is our genuine pleasure to work with such an experienced authority.

We are looking forward to future cooperation opportunities between the Warsaw-Beijing Forum and CLG – The Cambridge Learning Gateway.