The 6th Edition

Intelligence Approaching Business 


The tagline of the Sixth Edition of the Project was „Intelligence Approaching Business”, a theme that highlighted the impact of new technologies and AI on the Sino-Polish economic, political and cultural relations together with law regulations. We had an opportunity to discuss the newest methods of economic development and learn about the ways of exploiting the potential of prosperous relations between Polish and Chinese entrepreneurs.

The project showed that Poland has much to offer as a country with developed legal tradition, which makes it a good place for technological growth. Furthermore, it allowed both parties to gain inspiration from one another in terms of business analysis and forecasts created automatically by advanced computers. The events held during the Chinese part of the Project confirmed that China is currently one of the most developed countries in terms of technology, which in turn is crucial for Poland in order to face the challenges of the fast-evolving society and economy of the modern world where the usage of AI accompanies us every day. The Chinese students gained knowledge that could prove useful in the new dimension of business, namely that in the face of the IV industrial revolution, advanced technology becomes the foundation of every major enterprise.

We promoted Poland as a place, where innovative business flourishes. Moreover, the activities of the Sixth Edition were also focused on overcoming cultural barriers arising from vast differences between the students’ cultural backgrounds. Many events, such as visits in famous museums and kung-fu lesson deepened the participants’ understanding of the both countries’ fascinating history. The mutual appreciation of great cuisine and marvelous cultural sites of Poland and China brings the participants together, despite the thousands of kilometers that divide them. This year’s edition was enriched not only by workshops in Beijing, but also meetings in Shanghai where students had an opportunity to get acquainted with the online court as well as the basis of comparative law.


Professor Piotr Grzebyk  
Project Academic Supervisor
Phone: +48 506 019 551

Zuzanna Pudło  
Main Coordinator of the Project
Phone: +48 ‭535 665 603


Professor Zhang Li
Project Academic Supervisor

Su Hanting
Shu Ni
Lan Tianze
Beijing Team Coordinators