Chinese New Year of The Tiger 

Date: 1–2 February 2022
Organizers: Huqiao, Tigers
Language: Polish

We are excited and extremely proud of another unique event that we can be a partner of – New Year of the Tiger. Together with Huqiao and Tigers, we are honored to invite you to celebrate the Chinese New Year together. You have a chance not only to start the Year of the Tiger dynamically in the company of top-class marketing experts but also, thanks to the acquired knowledge, to make the whole year a breakthrough for your career! The celebrations will last two days, during which the conference will include as many as 7 presentations with Q&A sessions, 2 discussion panels, 2 sessions of consulting with mentors, all under the watchful eye of 16 Tigers specialists.
The first day of the event will be devoted to freelancers and marketing practitioners and will be focused on optimal activities for smaller companies. On the other hand, we dedicate the second day to marketing managers and directors, because the topic of our talks will be connected with large budgets, long-term strategies and even global ambitions. If you want to find out how to effectively operate on both small and large budgets, what to expect in digital marketing in the near future, ask the best experts in the e-commerce and business development industry focused on China and invited guests. You cannot miss this! If you want to know more details of the event or you are already determined and want to sign up, please visit this website.


China Desk – an alternative path for legal career

Date: 14 December 2021
Speaker: Aleksandra Ryżkowska, LL.M.
Language: Polish

The event China desk – alternatywna ścieżka kariery prawniczej was an initiative organized by the Warsaw-Beijing Forum in cooperation with the well-known and respected Kochański & Partners law firm. The meeting was hybrid – members of the Warsaw-Beijing Forum had the opportunity to visit the K&P office in Warsaw, while the rest of the people willing to participate could connect via the Zoom platform.

During the meeting, the specificity of the China Desk was presented. Ms. Aleksandra Ryżkowska, LL.M., the head of China Desk at Kochański & Partners, presented the realities of work in the field of servicing entities and projects related to the Chinese market. The participants also learned what is involved in working in such an interesting and future-oriented specialization, and what the Chinese business and legal culture looks like in practical terms.

Ms. Aleksandra Ryżkowska talked about her experience and the prospect of working at the China Desk. On a daily basis, she deals with the development of a network of international contacts and cooperation with foreign partners. She is also responsible for the supervision and promotion of the law firm on foreign markets, with particular emphasis on Asian markets, including the Chinese market.

The event was organized by: (1) Warsaw-Beijing Forum, (2) Kochański & Partners, (3) Students’ Organization for Law and Economy of China.

Study in China with Asianship and China Campus Network 

Date: 4 December 2021
Speakers: Sabrina Yang (Vice President of CCN), Effy Zhu (Operations Manager of CCN)
Language: Polish

On the 4th of December, the Students’ Organization for Law and Economy of China (Warsaw-Beijing Forum) had an opportunity to co-organize the webinar „Study in China with Asianship and China Campus Network”.

During the event university students, high school students, as well as their parents had a chance to get a glimpse of the recruitment process and studying at Chinese universities. Our special guests Sabrina Yang, Vice President of China Campus Network, and Effy Zhu, Operations Manager of China Campus Network, introduced CCN and showed the countless benefits of studying in China.

One of the Asianship Studia w Chinach founders showed the available offer for the upcoming year, explained what International Foundation Programme and University Enterprise Alliance are and revealed the scholarships possible to get by Polish students. The participants also had the amazing opportunity of listening to graduates of Chinese universities, who shared their experiences and pieces of advice.

Transatlantic Workshop 2021 

Date: 5 November 2021
Language: Polish

On the 5th of November, the Students’ Organization for Law and Economy of China (Warsaw-Beijing Forum) had an opportunity to coorganize the IV edition of the international scientific seminar – Transatlantic Workshop. The Transatlantic Workshop gathered guests from both sides of the Atlantic. During the two panels the invited experts presented their research and debated on various topics concerning transatlantic cooperation in the post-pandemic world. Through the discussions concerning cybersecurity, policies of the transatlantic countries, the researchers representing European and American universities presented their perspectives on how to find a common language to overcome new global enemies like climate change or COVID-19 and how to develop cooperation with rising global players like China. People’s Republic of China was mentioned as a strategic partner for transatlantic relations.

The Transatlantic Workshop could not take place without the support of Centrum Analiz Legislacyjnych i Gospodarczych and SGH Warsaw School of Economics which hosted our conference.

The 5G Implementation Level (Stan wdrożenia 5G

Date: 27 April 2021
Speaker: Aleksander Jakubczak (Huawei Poland)
Language: Polish

5G is another step of mobile technology development, allowing for faster data transmission with almost no delays. The use of 5G will make it possible to develop more advanced technological solutions such as self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Virtual Reality.

The implementation of 5G in Poland is planned for the next couple of years. Although the implementation of this complex socio-economic process will be challenging, it will allow for automation of the work force and the shift of human capital from low-value-added professions and activities to high-value-added industries.

Since 2012 Huawei has been the world’s biggest manufacturer of telecommunication devices and significant global scale producer of hardware and IT solutions.

It ranks among the pioneers of 5G, consistently developing innovative, comprehensive solutions with a view of building a world of intelligent connections. The company has already opened 11 5G R&D centers around the world. The coronavirus pandemic has inhibited the implementation of the 5G network in Poland on the first of the target frequencies, which is why this step is planned to be made only in 2021. However, this does not change the fact that the topic of 5G still raises a lot of controversy and questions.

On 27th of April Aleksander Jakubczak – the director of 5G solutions in Huawei Poland talked about the benefits of 5G technology and the gradual global implementation process. The event was organised by: (1) Warsaw-Beijing Forum, (2) Huawei Poland, (3) Students’ Organization for Law and Economy of China

Understanding the mindset of Chinese Consumers

Date: 24 March 2021
Speakers: Professor Alan Barrell, Professor Vincent Yip, Henry O’Farrell
Language: English

Consumer trends around the world are in flux. Contemporary China is changing dynamically. Chinese middle class is developing rapidly. The importance of e-commerce is increasing what has been additionally intensified by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar, we focused on an inevitable aspect of our lives – consumerism. More precisely, consumerism in the People’s Republic of China.

We were honoured to welcome Professor Alan Barrell, Chairman of Cambridge Learning Gateway, whose broad expertise surely made the meeting highly interesting and educational. Prof. Barrell teaches in various universities around the world and has broad experience in managing large multinational companies and smaller start-ups. His current work is focused on the commercialization of research, technology start-ups and trade development between the UK and China, and international relations in general.

Our second guest was Henry O’Farrell, a final year Marketing student at York University, who presented his interests and research on consumer behaviour and provided a marketing response to it. He has work experience in China and wrote a Case Study entitled “Developments in Online, Social Media Marketing in China and the West: An Overview of Different Approaches”. Our third guest, who participated in the discussion panel, was Professor Vincent Yip – Lecturer at Stanford Continuing Studies and Adjunct Professor at Nanyang Technology University and formerly Visiting Professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Business School. He was the founding Executive Director of the Singapore Science Park and served as Singapore’s Deputy Ambassador to the European Community and the Vatican. His main Research Interests are Project Management, Cross-Cultural Management, The Silk Road and Dunhuang, China’s Economic Policy, Ethnic Groups of China, Disruptive Innovation and the Silicon Valley. The event was organised by: (1) Warsaw-Beijing Forum, (2) Koło Naukowe Psycholog w Biznesie (Psychologist in Business Science Club), (3) The Cambridge Learning Gateway, (4) School of Law and Economy of China, (5) Polish Research Centre for Law and Economy of China


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