The 7th Edition

Energy for Future Earth 


The tagline of the Seventh Edition of the Project was Energy for future Earth, a theme that arose as an influential voice in the debate on the future of Poland and China along with their renewable energy sources. We primarily focused our attention on topics related to the energy sector from both economics and policy-related sides. We had an opportunity to discuss crucial topics in Chinese and Polish energy law – schemes for investments in renewable energy together with the impact that it has on economic growth. The Project showed that the European Union and China have created a field for discussion on energy transformation, which considers the issues of climate change and security together with ensuring proper economic growth. 

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has not prevented our social media platforms from sharing knowledge about the Chinese economy, business etiquette and culture. We started two series of posts at the Warsaw-Beijing Forum’s fanpage: Energy Thursday and Chinese Business Week. The organization accomplished great interest during online events. We started a series of webinars on the subject of policies on energy named Energy Law Academy. Cooperation with partners and sponsors have enabled the project’s participants to broaden their understanding of renewable energy sources from both political and economic point of view. 

The Seventh Edition of Warsaw-Beijing Forum was crowned by The International Online Conference Between China and Europe – Energy for Future Earth. Many distinguished guests honoured us with their presence during the online event and delivered compelling speeches. During the conference, we discussed issues related to Sustainable development, Environmental Protection, Energy Security, Green Transformation as well as Energy Market Liberalization between the EU and China.

Moreover, not only the online format of the Seventh Edition has given us an opportunity to collaborate with outstanding experts, but also organised webinars with famous polish influencers living in China. We covered up-to-date topics related to student’s lives.


Professor Piotr Grzebyk  
Project Academic Supervisor
Phone: +48 506 019 551

Zuzanna Pudło  
Main Coordinator of the Project
Phone: +48 ‭535 665 603


Professor Zhang Li
Project Academic Supervisor

Su Hanting
Shu Ni
Lan Tianze
Beijing Team Coordinators