Hainan 海南 ?

Hainan is an island that is the southernmost province of China. Since 1988, it has been performing an extremely important function of a special economic zone. It has about 34 thousand square kilometers and over 9 million inhabitants. Due to its tropical climate, geography and extensive tourist infrastructure, it is often referred to as “East Hawaii” or “Chinese Hawaii”.
Major city prefectures in Hainan.
There are three most important city prefectures on the island:
  • ?Haikou – the capital of the Hainan Province, which is located in the northern part of the island. It is the island’s main commercial port and it is famous for the food industry. This place serves as the political, economic and cultural center.
  • ?Sanya – it is a popular tourist destination which is famous for its beautiful beaches, landscapes, luxury hotels and international festivals such as Miss and Mister World. There are many spas and senatories in this region, and interestingly, many wealthy Chinese buy places in a retirement home here.
  • ?Sansha – Land area is only 13 square kilometers (the smallest city in terms of land area in China). However, it should be remembered that this area includes over 2 million square kilometers of water. The city is inhabited by only a few hundred inhabitants and they are mostly fishermen.
Economy ?
Hainan plays an important role in the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century. The island is located in the Asia-Pacific economic circle with good access to international shipping lanes in the South China Sea. Thanks to its location in a tropical monsoon climate, the island boasts a rich resource of exotic plants. It also has large reserves of crude oil, natural gas, metals and sea salt. Currently, the main pillar of the Hainan economy is the tourism industry. Other important areas include: agriculture, internet, health and pharmaceutical industries, the financial and insurance industry, the exhibition industry, logistic industry, oil and gas industry, low-carbon production, real estate, high technology, education and culture industries. There are also many important industrial parks on the island.
Author: Agata Klabińska