• ? The Great Wall has multiple names in Chinese, of which the most popular are: Chángchéng 长城 (‘Long Wall’) or Wànlǐ Chángchéng 万里长城 (‘the 5,000-Kilometer-Long Wall’). But in fact, the Great Wall is much longer than that. Its official length exceeds 21,000 km!
  • ? It’s often said that the Great Wall was built by the First Emperor – Qin Shi Huang. But it’s not true! Actually, the process started before his reign and endured through 5 dynasties.
  • ? Three most popular tourist sections of the Great Wall are all nearby Beijing: Badaling, Mutianyu and Jinshangling. Badaling alone is visited by almost 10 million tourists every year.
  • ? Sadly, the Great Wall cannot be seen from space by the human eye without any special tools. But it definitely needs to be seen by you!