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we hope that your holidays are going well and are filled with well-deserved rest. For the upcoming weeks of vacation, we would like to engage you with a new series – DISCOVER CHINA. Hopefully this weekly set of curiosities will bring Chinese cities and heritage sites closer to you and keep you in holiday spirits. Stay tuned!


  • ? Hongkong is a great example of a cosmopolitan city originating from a fishing village.
  • ? It is also a considered Special Administrative Region of China with a well-developed economy and free-market characterized by outstanding low taxation.
  • ? Hongkong is known for one of the world’s most thriving economies, the largest number of skyscrapers as well as the largest number of billionaires in the whole of Asia.
  • ? The highest hill in Hongkong called Victoria Peak or The Peak has an astonishing view of the city and because of its amazing panoramic views, it is also the most luxurious housing area in the city.
  • ? The city is also noted for multiple country parks and protected areas. It’s not far away from the city centre where people can explore beautiful beaches and hiking trails with magnificent landscape, as well as numerous islands of the Pearl River Delta.