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Map of China: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei

From high mountains and glaciers to deep valleys and deserts - China’s geographic diversity is quite astonishing. In this series we will embark on a virtual journey of discovery through various provinces and cities of China. We will get to know the local cuisine,...

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Chinese New Year Celebrations

Traditionally, the constant changes in the shape of the moon were a sign of the passage of time for the Chinese people. The cold and warm weather, the growth and ripening of crops led to the observation of months and years. As the season of rebirth, both for the earth...

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What is the Warsaw-Beijing Forum?

Polish-Chinese relations consist of not only high level meetings, but also multiple bottom-up initiatives, whose founders work hard everyday to deepen the relations between those two countries. One of the most prominent initiatives of this kind is the project of the...

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Energy for Future Earth

Energy sources: Atom energy

Throughout the years there has been a constantly rising demand for the nuclear power in China. Diversified energy sources are the key to decrease air pollution, since most of mainland China’s electricity is produced from coal. Therefore the impetus for nuclear power...

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Energy sources: Coal

The pandemic is currently not the only serious threat to the world. Temporarily removed from headlines, yet still unsolved – the climate change issue is another one. Naturally, without crucial changes, coal still holds the title of the most significant pollution...

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Energy sources: Water

In terms of hydropower, China definitely dominates on a global scale. Currently, more than half of the world’s hydropower capacity is installed in China. However, due to an enormous energy demand in the country, hydropower is ranked as the second largest source of...

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Business Culture in China

Chinese business etiquette in a nutshell

Compared to many other countries, especially European and American, business in China is conducted in a much more formal way. Observing their etiquette and ceremonials gives a greater chance of establishing fruitful work relationships because Chinese business...

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The Chinese style of negotiation

The Chinese style of negotiation and business talks is fundamentally different from the European, or more broadly, the Western style we know of. In China, many issues that seem irrelevant or certainly not of the highest rank to Europeans, are taken very seriously and...

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The role of mianzi

Mianzi (面子), the significance of the face in Chinese culture   The concepts of honour, respect and reputation exist in every culture, but in China they have a crucial role in most social interactions, especially in the business world. The term mianzi promotes the...

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