Warsaw School of Law and Economy of China is a unique program, designed to equip its students with essential knowledge about the legal system, economy, culture and doing business with China. The School allows its students to take part in lectures and workshops led by professors from top world universities, experienced professionals, policy analysts and renowned lawyers. It offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary course to students of all faculties, entrepreneurs and senior-level managers as well as representatives of state and local administration.

ICSATA is one of the most iconic international associations in Ireland. Since established, ICSATA has received strong support and endorsement from the Irish Embassy to China, the Chinese Embassy to Ireland, and all the relevant departments from both the Irish and Chinese governments, as well as EU.

The Cambridge Learning Gateway opens the worlds of academia and business to the latest innovative approaches to knowledge exchange and inclusive global education and knowledge research by connecting online and in person, students, teachers, researchers and citizens of the world. Cambridge Learning Gateway was launched as a company helping shape the future world by delivering academic and scientific knowledge and practical expertise to Universities, Government Organizations and Corporations and those residing in them.
SPONSOR ★ AliExpress is known throughout the world as an e-commerce platform with a B2C model. It was launched in 2010 by the Alibaba Group and since then has been very successful; especially in Poland as a top e-commerce marketplace. The platform not only offers competitive product prices for Polish users but ships to over 200 countries and regions (this year AliExpress launched 15-day delivery to Poland for certain products shipped from China). It also provides secure payment methods such as BLIK, buyer protection, and a help center.

SSW Pragmatic Solutions is a leading firm with a singular focus – the business of its clients. SSW  offers its clients full commitment to cooperation, professionalism, flexibility in operation, innovative solutions and transparent communications based on cutting-edge technologies. It combines innovation and experience to deal with new market challenges while also ensuring compliance with legal requirements in even the most complex legal matters. SSW aims to provide its clients with services that constitute value added to their business. The professional advice it offers is based on the considerable experience of its lawyers and advisors, gained whilst cooperating with clients from Poland and abroad.

SPONSOR ★ Huqiao specializes in creating a brand image in China and scaling the business for more profit. They call themselves a guide on the digital Silk Route, and their work is led by values such as commitment, responsibility and transparency. Huqiao’s services include building a sales strategy for the Chinese market and adjusting it to Chinese realities to achieve business goals selected by the client (running SM channels, strategy, influencer marketing), sharing unique knowledge about the Chinese market which allows customers to save time and money (strategic workshops, market and competition research, content audit), translation and localization.

Dentons 大成 is an international law firm which consists of over 10’000 professionals located in 200 offices worldwide. Diverse in terms of geography, language and nationalities, it proudly offers clients talent from diverse backgrounds and countries with deep experience in every legal tradition in the world – civil law, English and US common law traditions, as well as Sharia law and Chinese legal and regulatory issues. Its Warsaw office, with over 220 lawyers and consultants, is not only an important branch of this international company, but also the biggest and one of the oldest law firms in Poland.

SPONSOR ★ Asianship “Studia w Chinach” is a company that specializes in organizing study and language courses in China. Asianship offers an extremely excellent educational offer between Europe and China. The programs offered by our partner include many fields of study related to, among others, business, new technologies and economic trends at prestigious universities. Asianship is also an official representative of the China Campus Network in Poland.

The Center for Legislative and Economic Analysis is a nationwide center that works to raise the level of legal awareness among Polish citizens. The company focuses on promoting the comprehensive education of law students, putting great emphasis on their development and broadening their knowledge on many levels. In this way, the center is able to prepare law students for future research activities together with working in public administration bodies and the private sector. This goal is to be achieved by introducing legal and economic experts to the public debate.

Fundacja na Rzecz Wspierania Konkurencyjności Polskiej Gospodarki is a polish foundation with a goal of supporting the development of polish economy. The experts analyze the market in the fields of management, law, economy and international relations. The results of their work can be used by polish entrepreneurs to acquire a better knowledge about the market and later use it to grow their businesses. Especially now, during the harsh times of Covid-19, Fundacja na Rzecz Wspierania Konkurencyjności Polskiej Gospodarki can help by analyzing the most beneficial and optimal ways of managing your business and career. 

SPONSOR ★ Gridaly is a Polish startup that created an interactive online event platform designed to organize conferences, congresses, trade fairs, and university open days. The platform offers several different areas that can host unlimited numbers of participants. Thanks to a wide range of networking interactive tools such as separate chatrooms, video calls and one-on-one meetings, Gridaly delivers a unique social experience with anyone in the world without even leaving your home.
Direct Share Media is a dynamic production house. They help companies reach their customers through creative and engaging audiovisual materials tailored to the needs of the target group and industry. The company specializes in film production, advertising animations, photography and streaming. Their experience, developed methods and proven technical solutions allow them to approach the production systematically and efficiently, thus ensuring a smooth course of projects. The main goal of their productions is to create an experience that will bring customers closer to valuable companies.
The Student’s Government of the Faculty of Law consists of four different committees – Didactic, Promotion and Organization, Cultural and Internship, each one of them takes care of a different aspect of the Government’s actions. They unite the entire Faculty from the first to the fifth year, with around 100 people actively participating in its everyday functioning. Some of the main goals of this organization are the protection of students’ rights or support to students’ scientific organizations. During the academic year, the Government takes care of didactic help for students, organizing events including sports tournaments, integrational trips and many forms of charity and cultural happenings.

Media patronage

SPONSOR ★ Wydawnictwo Iskry is a Polish publishing house founded in 1952 in Warsaw. Currently, it specializes in non-fiction and poetry and it publishes both domestic and foreign authors. Its publishing output includes over 6,000 titles with a total circulation of more than 170 million copies.

SPONSOR ★ MT Biznes is a Polish economic and business publishing house founded in 2001. Its aim is to present the latest trends in the field of management, marketing, economics and business psychology. Their books are intended for managers of all levels, academia and everyone interested in business.

SPONSOR ★ Kwiaty Orientu is a Polish publishing house founded in 2007. From the very beginning, it has been actively involved in popularizing Asian and Korean culture and literature. In addition to books, its offer includes intercultural and language training, as well as literary and art workshops.

SPONSOR ★ Institute of New Europe is an advisory and analytical non-governmental organisation active in the fields of international politics,  international security and economics. The Institute is currently running programmes devoted to European security, the Indo-Pacific and the Three Seas Initiative.

SPONSOR ★ Bohan is a Polish publishing house and translation agency specializing in the translation of both texts and multimedia materials from Chinese into Polish and from Polish into Chinese. In addition, Bohan also offers advice on imports from China.

ChinskiRaport specializes in commercial reports on Chinese companies. Their detailed and professional reports will answer the question whether the Chinese contractor is a reliable business partner for Polish investors. ChinskiRaport has offices in Gdynia, Poland and Xiamen, China.

CHINY to LUBIĘ is one of the most popular Polish blogs about China, initiated in 2013 by Piotr Chodak (霍达克 彼得). On its website and social media anyone interested in China can find facts, informations and curiosities about the Middle Kingdom, published daily.

Puls Biznesu, together with other magazines of the Bonnier Business Polska group, is one of the leaders among publishers writing about business and economy in Poland. The Bonnier Group also owns legal websites such as and is a website aimed at professionals working in the financial industry, as well as students taking their first steps on the labor market. On the website you can find job and internship offers, employer profiles, job descriptions and recruitment tests.

MAGIEL is one of the most important student media at the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Warsaw. It contains university information, news of student organizations and research clubs, comments on current events in the world of politics and economy. is an information service devoted to investments on the Polish stock exchange and global markets. It supports individual investors by providing market news, quotes, ESPI announcements, financial data,  professional analysis, and a moderated discussion forum. is a nationwide website aimed at law students and graduates. It is a modern and multifunctional platform that contains useful information about student duties, entertainment and culture, as well as professional life and career shaping. is the only platform in Poland addressing the development of modern technologies, science and innovation in the context of Poland’s cooperation with China. It is also a leading Polish think-tank, with a team consisting of Polish and Chinese specialists.


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