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Chinese New Year Celebrations

Traditionally, the constant changes in the shape of the moon were a sign of the passage of time for the Chinese people. The cold and warm weather, the growth and ripening of crops led to the observation of months and years. As the season of rebirth, both for the earth...

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What is the Warsaw-Beijing Forum?

Polish-Chinese relations consist of not only high level meetings, but also multiple bottom-up initiatives, whose founders work hard everyday to deepen the relations between those two countries. One of the most prominent initiatives of this kind is the project of the...

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Intro to Polish-Chinese relations

Polish-Chinese political relations Nowadays, political relations between People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Poland are close. In 2011, the Polish-Chinese cooperation has gained the status of a “strategic cooperation”, signifying its importance to both...

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Energy for Future Earth

Energy sources: Wind

The Chinese renewable energy sector is rapidly growing, not only thanks to its solar capacity. Over the past decade, China has become the world leader in wind energy with the largest installed capacity, both on land and sea. As the vast majority of Chinese energy...

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Energy sources: Solar energy

China is the world leader in developing renewable energy solutions, including solar energy. They produce far more energy from solar panels than any other country in the world, they are also the leader when it comes to capacity. In 2019, China had 204,7 GW cumulative...

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Energy sources: Gas

At the end of the 20th century, the most crucial gas production area was the Sichuan Basin. In 2003, the main problem of gas was competing with cheap coal and creating demand for it, but as early as in 2005, China had to raise the gas price to control its supply. In...

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Business Culture in China

The role of guanxi

Guanxi (關係 / 关系), which is about personal relationships in Chinese business   Traditional values in human relations are still maintained in Chinese society, which manifest themselves in the form of unwritten principles such as trust and mutual support. Guanxi is...

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An introduction to business culture in China

China’s history and rich culture influence is vividly present in the practices of business relations. Creating successful Sino-foreign business partnerships often requires a better understanding of Chinese cultural codes. Confucianism continues to determine crucial...

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